Muslim Prayer Time

Notify prayer time to Muslims around the world
to perform Salah on time.

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Background Story

The story behind the development of the Muslim Prayer Time service is rooted in a personal endeavor to streamline my morning routine. Initially conceived as a hobby project, I embarked on automating my Yeelights to synchronize with the Fajr prayer, ensuring a seamless transition into the day. The goal was to eliminate the need to rise before office hours, with the changing light serving as a gentle reminder to perform Fajr prayer, typically observed 1 to 2 hours before my workday begins.

As I delved deeper into the project, I recognized its potential to assist others in structuring their daily schedules around prayer timings. This realization prompted me to share the service with a broader audience, leading to its publication on IFTTT.

After personally utilizing the service for over 3 years, I made the decision to make it publicly available in December 2021.

by Danish Zahur

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